About Us

Our Background 

Physical Therapy is an integral part of the ASM orthopedic practice because recovery from an injury is not complete without a comprehensive and cohesive rehabilitation program. Patient outcomes are better with physical therapy, and physical therapy programs are better with a multi-disciplinary approach.

Our Vision

 Physical Therapy continues to be a growing part of the ASM practice as more satellite clinics and highly trained therapists are added to our group. Our goal is to be able to provide elite level care for patients of all ages and abilities. From competitive athletes perfecting their performance, to weekend warriors preventing injury, or baby boomers maintaining an active lifestyle, Austin Sports Medicine Physical Therapy provides comprehensive and compassionate care to help each individual achieve their specific goals.

What Sets Us Apart

In order to provide the best care for our clients, our therapists are provided with the educational support to further their skills and specializations. Our PTs and PTAs are provided with opportunities to seek board accreditation and professional certifications to make them the best in their field, along with mentorship from our most experienced therapists and physicians. While fostering clinical skills is an imperative part of becoming an expert therapist, Austin Sports Medicine also acknowledges the interpersonal expertise required to effectively treat a person, not just their injury. Our staff prides personability, customer service, and patient experience as an integral part of the elite, evidence-based, orthopedic treatment we provide.

Patient Testimonials

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