Injury Screening

In Medicine, most treatment tends to be reactionary, addressing an injury after it has already happened. However, physical therapists are movement experts, trained to identify faulty movement patterns that increase a person’s risk of injury. Studies have shown that athletes participating in movement screenings and injury prevention programs are able to decrease their risk of a season, and sometimes career ending injury. 

Preventative interventions are beneficial in avoiding sport injuries, like ACL tears for female soccer players and UCL tears for baseball pitchers. Austin Sports Medicine’s group of therapists, with their combined experience in competitive sports, orthopedics, sports rehab, strength and conditioning coaching, and athletic training, provide a comprehensive approach to injury prevention both for patients in the clinic and for sports teams proactively looking to keep their athletes healthy. Interested in having the ASM team provide injury screenings for you or for your sports team? Contact for more information on our comprehensive screening program. 

Our Staff’s Screening Training:
Functional Movement Systems – FMS, SFMS, FCS