Orthopedics and Sports Rehab

Orthopedic Physical Therapy 

Orthopedics is the treatment of the musculoskeletal system as well as the peripheral nervous system. This includes skeletal muscles, bones, joints, and parts of the nervous system that control movement. 

Physical Therapists receive their clinical doctorates after years of post-graduate education and are trained as generalists. With years of clinical practice in one treatment setting, a physical therapist can then further specialize with board accreditations. All ASM therapists have dedicated their careers to the practice of orthopedics and have committed to the life-long learning of musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

Our Staff’s Orthopedic Experience  

• Board Certification in Orthopedics through the American Physical Therapy Association

• Orthopedics and Sports Rehab  EIM PTA Specialty Certification in Orthopedics

• Kinesiotaping

Sports Rehab 

Most sports injuries are orthopedic in nature, and therefore return to sport rehab falls under the umbrella of orthopedics. However, the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists further designates sports rehab as a specialty because of the advanced knowledge required to return an athlete to a high level of physical performance. At ASM, we pride ourselves in having the versatility of working with athletes of all ability levels and our therapists have added return to sport rehabilitation to their repertoire.

Our Staff’s Sports Rehab Specializations  

• Board Certified Sports Specialty through the American Physical Therapy Association  

• Certified Strength and Conditioning Certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)  

• Certified Athletic Trainer – ATC 

Blood Flow Restriction Training 

We now offer blood flow restriction training, or BFR. Want to learn more about how BFR can accelerate your recovery by promoting early strength gains? READ MORE about it here or check our BFR patient handout.